Friday, April 13, 2012

nikeID free 3.0 hybrid v4

and my free nikeID kicks have arrived!

it took me quite a while - literally one week nonstop of furious drafting - to finalize the design and exact colorway, but i think i nailed it. i did seek out the opinion of a few, which resulted in some back and forth between three of my potential finalists. but after vowing to somehow use the electric green sole as my base, it made the decision clearer... and this was the end result:

another look
money B tag on the tongue
new flex grooves

the volt green swoosh got somewhat muddled by the vibrant blue of the upper, but it actually turned out better than on paper. now it has almost an iridescent sheen to it that adds some mystery to the color.

upon first glance, version 4 (V4) has a few stylistic cues from version 1 (V1), yet updated with a contemporary redesign. gone is the troublesome tongue that kept sliding to the side in V1 and V2, which is a helpful improvement. they've also made the sole even more ridiculously flexible, as the curved design indicates above. my particular shoe is a hybrid of the 3.0 (upper) and the 5.0 (sole), as i wanted to be able to use the nike+ system (the sensor that you place in the left shoe cavity) that has so far eluded the 3.0 in all its versions.

i've only tried on the shoe indoors, so the performance review will have to come after i've taken these bad boys out for a spin...

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