Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sullivan canyon trail run + UCLA pow wow

forgot to mention that i climbed out of bed saturday night to do a quick search for a nearby trail that could deliver both distance and manageability... and found one that hit all the boxes in sullivan canyon.

since saturday's 7.2M run on the backbone trail was disappointing - i wilted near the top due to the surprising heat - i needed a run to get my spirits up and back on track. sullivan canyon is a pretty well-covered trail, so one isn't exposed directly to the sun. the only dangers involve mountain bikers flying down the hill, as they don't even make a move to relinquish right of way.

since i was able to fit in a run earlier in the day, i merely accompanied heidi to UCLA in the afternoon for her workout session. the american indian student association happened to have their 27th annual pow wow that day as well, so i got to roam the campus as an observer:

lap 6 of 12
stairs at drake stadium
lesson at LATC
seatbacks at LATC
reverse shotput granny-style
woeful high jump attempt
pow wow gratitude
hunger games anyone?

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