Tuesday, April 3, 2012

warrior dash socal 2012

saturday's warrior dash was the 3rd time out, and possibly the most fun i've had yet. vim, cheryl, heidi and i (our friend mouncey had a later start time) ended up running the 5k course from hell together, so it brought out great excitement in watching the girls tear thru the obstacles while maintaining a strong running pace.

since i wasn't going to be breaking any landspeed records, i wanted to somewhat dress the part, which explains my ridiculous get-up, including an ill-fitting dress shirt and a 2011 glee concert tour tie i picked up for 99 cents.

this year's battleground varied greatly from last year's, as they introduced a host of new obstacles and made previous years' more difficult. for instance, i actually had to use the rope to scale the rope wall instead of using my parkour skills to reach the top of last year's. bummer indeed.

arbitrary group shot
woo hoo!

after getting swamped from neck to toe in the barbed wire/mud pit, we gleefully crossed the tape as a foursome in about 47 minutes. even though our time wasn't a factor, it was good enough for the top 15% of the nearly 10,000 entrants this year.

the last obstacle
finish line

and as always, free beer awaited our accomplishments...

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