Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 bulldog 50k / 25k trail run

i just signed up for the bulldog 25K trail run on august 25 at malibu creek state park, which kind of fit a few of the criteria i was looking for:

one, i was looking to bridge the gap from xterra point mugu (october 14), so this race is smack dab in the middle in terms of dates. two, i was looking to avenge my finish of the first half marathon i completed, so it's neat that this race happens to take place at the same exact scene of the crime. three, i feel like i've gotten stronger on the intermediate runs (7-10M), so i wanted to test the limits with a longer but still do-able run. 25K equates to 15.53M, so it's a mile and a half longer than xterra malibu creek.

there's also a 50K ultra that goes on simultaneously, which has runners doing the 25K loop twice. uh, i'll save that for another day...

the event organizer (trail run events) actually puts together non-sanctioned race previews a few saturdays before race date and sure enough, the first one is tomorrow morning. it will be a good indicator as to where i stand training-wise seven weeks out, so fingers crossed i'll be able to make it thru the heat and distance in one piece.

wish me luck!

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