Friday, July 6, 2012

coyote run - dirt mulholland

i thought about skipping out on thursday morning's run, because i did 9M the day before at crystal cove, and that it was my day off. plus, this is the only run in the rotation that's on the other side of the hill - meaning one must take the 405 freeway - so all signs were pointing to pass.

but when one of the coyotes posted that a few of them planned to start from mandeville canyon to avoid the 405 - albeit earlier at 5:45am - that helped turn the tide. it added another 3.4M total to whatever the group was doing, but i was game.

the four of us - erin, gwen, jack & i - started our ascent at the intersection of mandeville and hollyhock and soon joined the rest of the pack at 6:15am. dirt mulholland takes you out west instead of the usual north/south and you hit the backside of the nike missile tower, which is the usual destination when we do westridge.

there are options to do single track up top, so we did an assortment before heading back down. the final tally was 7.9M, which put me at 17M total in back to back days (wed/thurs)...

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