Tuesday, July 3, 2012

san francisco - day 1 (part 1)

our flight home friday night turned out to be quite the adventure! we were due to depart at 8:35pm and all was going well until we got the announcement after we boarded that arrivals into SF were delayed due to fog and that there would be another update at 9:30pm.

come 9:30pm, we got word that there would another update at 10:55pm, so we sat... and sat... and sat. we didn't have any plans that night outside of taking BART home, so we were pretty flexible. but since BART stops service from SFO at midnight, saving $$ by taking public transpo was now looking like an impossibility.

we took off at 11pm (huzzah!), landed at midnight, then waited our turn for a gate, which turned out to be another hour. finally, at 1:05am, we de-boarded the plane, caught a cab and arrived home just shy of 2am.

SF's japantown
bomb chinese

the first order of business on saturday was my dad's birthday lunch at san wong, a korean-owned chinese joint known for their succulent garlic fried chicken, one of the best preparations of the dish i've had. we were joined by my sister lisa and brother-in-law jay, so plenty of good (and spicy) food was shared...

sweet & sour beef
collection of bone remains

dessert was calling my name just a few blocks away, as i needed to satiate my fix for the coffee crunch cake at yasukochi's sweet stop. while the rest of my fam headed to the stores for some shopping, heidi and i stole away to nab one of the last slices left for the day. happy $B and panda bear...

in this nondescript store
...lies this bakery gem
w/the best cake ever.
j-town courtyard

we did a bit more perusing at daiso japan - everything in the store is $1.50! - before heading back to the car:

yasukochi's sweet stop
1790 sutter st.
san francisco, CA 94115

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