Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the dark knight rises - recap (non-spoiler)

watched TDKR in IMAX on sunday, and despite a frenzied fervor and nearly-impossible expectations to live up to on the heels of the dark knight, the film delivers the goods.

the longest film of the trilogy at 164 minutes, the plot has lots of ground to cover and many storylines to flesh out, a breeze compared to nolan's labyrinthine inception. for me, TDKR is the most emotionally gripping of the three, which is no wonder since it features the series' best work - and the meatiest scenes - from christian bale, michael caine and gary oldman.

while the film doesn't have a lightning rod performance that can compare to heath ledger's academy award-winning turn as the joker, a beefed-up tom hardy definitely garners chills as bane, a nefarious chap bent on shaking up the system.

the thing that nolan has been able to achieve is to subvert the superhero genre as a whole and create a serious piece of entertainment art, even touching upon the types of issues that our world is facing today: economic instability and anarchy against the backdrop of terrorism.

plus, he found a way to tie up the entire trilogy with the perfect ending - one that leaves the audience with a number of questions as to the direction warner bros. will take now that nolan, bale and company have finished their work on the caped crusader...

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