Monday, July 16, 2012

cassie & andrew's wedding - segerstrom hall

saturday saw the marriage of my friends cassie and andrew, who met cute while at grad school in michigan. the festivities all took place at segerstrom hall in costa mesa, quite the curious selection because i once attended a yo-yo ma concert here. i was like, are they getting married on stage?

signs pointing the way
segerstrom hall

it turned out to be quite the beautiful and classy location, as all the glass and marble in the sparkling atrium lent an air of sophistication to the intimate proceedings. not only that, but my cousin caroline - who was in the bridal party - was able to come down early and help make everything go smoothly.

cass making her way down
mr. & mrs. ohm!

their wedding vows were really sweet and heartfelt. cassie's were especiallly touching, so it was neat to see the normally genial andrew do his best to fight off the oncoming tears. we were directed up one flight of stairs for drinks and hors d'oeuvres and were treated to specialty cocktails for each the bride (strawberry vodka + champagne) and groom (mojito remix). each of the bridesmaids made individual toasts to cassie, but sadly linda and caroline were inaudible due to both being reduced to blubbering messes.

table locations
open bar!
an emotional caroline
second floor

one thing i have to mention is that the food at dinner was superb. the first course was a delightful summer crab and avocado salad, followed by either marinated halibut (heidi) or steak w/mashed potatoes & grilled vegetables.

the new couple's entrance
where they met
wedding theme
spritely ceiling

i'd be remiss not to mention their first dance, which started off as a lovely ballad... which turned into a hilariously choreographed assault backed by run DMC's ol skool jam "tricky."

a waltz...
then speed round!
andrew & mother-in-law
dance party

one of the many thoughtful touches at the wedding was none other than a photo booth complete with costumes and props, to memorialize the event for both parties. heidi and i took great pleasure in mugging for the camera before signing their guest book with glee. they also had gift bags for everybody to take home, which included everything from flip flops - perfect for the ladies to rest their weary feet - to candy and snacks they've come across in their travels to various countries.

it really was a special night to remember and it couldn't have happened to a better couple. congrats cassie & andrew!

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