Wednesday, July 18, 2012

point mugu hike

got out for a hike at point mugu on sunday, since heidi has never been and she was jonesing for something a bit longer than our usual 5-miler. i had run a slightly longer route w/vim just a few weeks ago, so there wouldn't be any serious cartography needed and we could just enjoy the weather and the trails...

paraglider incoming
vast fields
end of la jolla fire road
blaze of glory

we ended up doing around a 7.2M hike, which is pretty much the shortest loop one can do at the park. the longest is around 11-12M, which involves ascending point mugu itself and what the xterra race will entail come october.

cyclist enjoying the view
reminds me of kauai
end of ray miller trail
where's waldo?

point mugu state park
9000 west pacific coast highway
malibu, CA 90265

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