Thursday, July 5, 2012

crystal cove - trail run

arrived home on monday night to put in a 3/4 day of work on tuesday, before finding out that we had thursday & friday off in conjunction with independence day! woo hoo!

in celebration of my 5-day weekend, vim and i hit up crystal cove state park in newport beach for a longish trail run on wednesday. we plotted out an 8+ mile run using the xterra race as our guide, and set off from the parking lot just above el morro school off the PCH.

took the no name ridge for 1.1M before taking the connector to rattlesnake, which is a tasty 1.4M treat of single track and a helluva lot of fun.

access road
going up rattlesnake

0.4M further on the red tail ridge put us at the far north end of the park, then we made our way east before taking the moro ridge 3.4M all the way down.

missing link
furthest point from our car
spider web
last TO on the run
view of the coast
mysterious hatch

after checking out beautiful coastal views - despite more fog! argh! - at the tail end of moro ridge, we took the BFI then the last connector back to the car to finish at just over 9M for the day.

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