Wednesday, July 4, 2012

marin headlands - trail run

coming off the high from saturday's keane concert, we set out to do get some exercise at the marin headlands, on the other side of the golden gate bridge. since i've gotten more into trail running, i've wanted to explore the golden gate national recreation area badly, so this was a perfect chance to do so.

we got out there just north of 9am, and while caroline and heidi opted to do a hike, i plotted out a plan of attack to do an 8 mile run. because i've heard the SCA trail offers up unparalleled views of the SF skyline and the GG bridge, that was the route i was taking on the way back to the car.

W on coastal trail
coming out of alta trail

my final route was this: from the closest parking lot across the GG bridge, head W on the coastal trail, left at rodeo valley trail, right onto bobcat trail, right onto alta trail, right onto rodeo valley trail, left at the SCA trail, then a final left onto the coastal trail back to the car.

socked in SCA trail
where's the bridge?

the connector from the coastal trail to the rodeo valley trail is a bit tricky to find, so i had to double back once or twice and ask for help, to finally locate it. i also missed the hard-to-find entrance onto the SCA trail, so my run ended up being closer to 9 miles than the previously planned for 8.

even though on sunday morning it was akin to running thru pea soup, it was a spectacular run thru the shroud of fog and lent for some mysterious photos. if i lived in the bay area, the marin headlands would be my hangout of choice EVERY weekend...

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