Thursday, May 3, 2012

1st run post half marathon

monday and tuesday were spent doing diddly, as i was recovering from lingering soreness from sunday's race. felt lots better on wednesday, so i figured tonight (thursday) would be time to get back on the horse for my first run post-trail half marathon.

with my subpar finish still freshly lingering - darn cramp! - i vowed to attack my regular 4.44M loop with payback on my mind. and with cool, partly cloudy weather and by spacing out my meals so that i last ate at 5pm, all of the elements were lined up for a good run when i pushed off at 7:30pm.

and... mission accomplished! i blazed thru my run in a personal best pace of 7'06", or one second faster per mile than i had ever posted over that distance prior. it's always a great feeling to accomplish what one sets out to do...

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