Thursday, May 10, 2012

the bruery - visit

since i was still smarting for some fermented beverages from the boat wedding, i paid it back in full with a brewery visit to the bruery, located in gorgeous placentia, CA (joke). now i don't know what the heck is out in this neck of the woods, but the important thing is some damn good craft beer is at the end of this rainbow.

placentia, CA!
daily tap list
the tasting room takes up about one-third of the brewery's space, with a handful of picnic tables, stand up tables and barrels as tables for the customers. it's only open friday thru sunday, with a large hanging chalkboard displays all of the day's taps, consisting of 3 year round beers, 10 seasonals and 3 just for cinco de mayo.

main seating area
not a bad bottle collection
taps & my free glass
look at the girl eyeballing me!
i opted for the flight of five 2oz pours for $8, which comes with a nifty bruery tulip glass included. my beers of choice were the following:

white oak - 50/50 blend of wheat wine & mischief, their belgian golden
kevin's peaches - lambic w/peaches, vanilla & lactose
cuadruple - quad w/agave nectar
trade winds - tripel w/thai basil
gremlin 1862 - mix of serrano, jalapeno & habanero peppers

bottle cap
main bar area
food truck right outside!
work area tomfoolery
also topped it off with a glass of humulus, their hoppy lager and closest to an IPA they will ever make...

the bruery
715 dunn st.
placentia, CA 92870

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