Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ink.sack - lunch

spent all of monday relaxing and enjoying the great socal weather (yawn). watched the endearing MOONRISE KINGDOM in the AM, then finally hit up michael voltaggio's sandwich spot ink.sack, located just two doors down from ink. it's a small joint with a few tables but no chairs, with the entire menu handwritten in chalk on blackboards behind the register.

the sandwiches aren't especially large, so it allows the opportunity to order more than one to sample the creative offerings. we ordered the following in succession:

* the josé andrés - serrano, chorizo, lomo, manchego
* banh mi - pork butt, pork belly, chiccharrones (pork rinds), pickled vegetables
* reuben - corned beef tongue, appenzeller, kraut, russian dressing

the thing that stuck out is that each sandwich tasted completely different from the other, no small feat. the banh mi had the same distinct flavor of the same vietnamese-style sandwiches i've had in garden grove and westminster. the josé andrés - in honor of the spanish chef michael worked under at the bazaar - had a mediterranean profile that tasted eerily similar to the spherical olives we had at andrés' restaurant jaléo. and the reuben was warm, old-fashioned goodness brought to life with a twist on the conventional ingredients.

8360 melrose ave.
unit #107
los angeles, CA 90069

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