Thursday, May 10, 2012

coyote running - thursday trail runs

vim and i crossed paths with a few cats from coyote running at xterra malibu creek, so i checked out their site to see what they were all about. turns out they're a trail running group based in LA - but with members worldwide - who provide coaching and training programs to runners with aspirations of all sizes, from half-marathons to ultra marathons.

they also host a public run on thursday mornings - locations differ each week - that are open to members & friends, so i decided to give it the ol college try. most of the runs start at 6:10am, so i was up at 5:20am and out the door no more than 20 minutes later.

today's run was at westridge, at the base of mandeville canyon fire road. it's approximately 3.5M up a wide fire road to the old nike missile tower, but by taking the single track ridge at the turnaround, it adds a bunch more uphill on the way down - if that makes any sense at all.

there were 50+ "coyotes" and at least 4 dogs making the out/back trek - depending on people's work schedules, you can turn around at any point - so it was fun running in a group atmosphere, meeting new friends, and discovering new trails to add to the repetoire.

definitely looking forward to taking part in future thursday morning runs!

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