Monday, May 21, 2012

tennis + parkour + jamie oliver

saturday was quite the busy day, as i managed to squeeze in a lot of physical activity to allow me to enjoy a dessert-filled event in the afternoon. it's been over six months since i've swung a tennis racquet, so it was great to hit the courts with my friend kristin and try to peel some of that rust off. my backhand was on point as usual, but i couldn't find my forehand - which resulted in a number of rockets off the back fence. good times.

at 10:30am, i raced off to train with vim, keiko & mouncey at UCLA for a parkour mini-reunion. we accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, then stumbled upon jamie oliver's food revolution - his movement to improve the way our country eats - which is setting up shop on campus for the rest of the month.

consider me a big fan of his revolution, as he's waging a personal war against obesity. it's very much education-based and they teach you how to accurate read food labels, limit unnecessary sugars (which is abundant in a host of foods), and to promote more cooking at home. it turns out that we missed jamie by just a few minutes, but if you're anywhere near the UCLA campus, go hit him up!

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