Thursday, May 31, 2012

coyote running - sullivan ridge

joined up w/the socal coyotes this morning for a trail run at sullivan ridge, which is an altogether different trail from the rocky road i took on my own. it starts out the same by taking the paved road down and taking a right for about one-half of a mile, but you take a hard left up single track, which shoots you up to a fire road up top that keeps going up and up.

because i was unfamiliar with the route, i made sure i stayed close to other runners, and ended up making a few new friends in the process. there's a giant tree 2.7M (5.4M roundtrip) in, which some peeps use as a turnaround, but i went up an extra half mile more before turning back. all in all, i tallied 6.5M, kept a decent pace and got back to my car at 7:35am.

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