Friday, May 25, 2012

memorial day weekend plans

this weekend i've set out to do two things: hike mount baldy and hit up sprinkles' new ice cream shop that just opened yesterday.

a small group of 6 of us plan to ascend baldy (technically mount san antonio) on saturday by way of the baldy bowl/ski hut trail - a relentless 4.2M incline gaining 3,900ft in elevation - and descend via the devil's backbone/baldy notch trail, a more leisurely 6.8M retreat back to the car. i did this same loop in 7 hours nearly two years ago, so i'm looking forward to a return trip, although temps are supposed to be cold and windy.

all you need to know about sprinkles' new ice cream shop is that they have red velvet waffle cones. thank you.

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