Thursday, May 17, 2012

nike santa monica run club

since heidi was called into work on sunday, i took full advantage by joining nike santa monica for their run club for the first time. every wednesday at 6:30pm and sunday at 10:30am, nike hosts a run club open to all ages and levels, where three groups (3/5/7 miles) led by multiple pacers - one fast, one slow - split up and well, run santa monica. i'd always wanted to go, but wednesdays are a no-go due to work and sundays never work out schedule-wise.

i showed up a few minutes early to sign in, and lo and behold they had a veritable rainbow of colors and sizes of the spankin' new free 3.0s to take out for a test run. since i was already armed with my FREE custom frees, there was sadly no need, but they also provide bottled water, energy bars and other assorted goodies for pre/post run.

after a quick intro - where they honored two members with free swag! - and course description, a gang of about 50 of us pushed off from third street promenade. those who intended to run 3 miles kept on ocean, while the 5/7 groups ran down the SM incline and on the beach path, before taking an underpass towards the base of the SM stairs.

originally i had intended to do 7 miles, but because i was slightly behind their rear pacer (do i sprint to catch up? will i be able to sustain the quicker pace?) and was running the same pace as the girl (hey bryn!) next to me, i decided to play it safe with the 5. we were going at a decent pace, so it was a comfortable run back to the store. all in all, we tallied 5.69 miles at a 7:17 pace, so not bad for the first time out!

i so want to go back and see if i can hang with the 7 milers...

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