Sunday, May 13, 2012

eats - baco mercat

after a most fulfilling afternoon at transmission: LA, we took a stroll thru downtown - with a pit stop at the japanese garden at the kyoto grand hotel & gardens! - to grab dinner at bäco mercat. unbeknownst to us, sunday (may 6) was the 1st sunday it ever opened, so we were in luck!

original bäco

the "bäco" is a signature flatbread sandwich - think gyro on the latin fusion tip - developed by chef josef centeno... and i can confirm that it's spectacular. generously apportioned with crispy pork belly, beef carnitas, caraway pepper, it's housed by a thick, fluffy bread akin to a pita that also contains fresh greens, micro tomatoes and a spicy spread that ties it all together.

bäco mercat
408 s. main st.
los angeles, CA 90013

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