Wednesday, May 9, 2012

boat wedding - newport beach

on saturday i got to attend my first ever wedding on a boat, as heidi's ex-co-worker tied the knot aboard a yacht departing out of newport beach. the bride and groom were sweethearts, so it was cool to celebrate with their friends and family on such a joyous day.

electra cruises
ship's entrance

it was definitely a unique experience - a neat yet economical way to get away from the tried and formula that comes with a typical church + ballroom reception. however, with the strict budget and time limitations (12-4pm) comes a rushed feel to the proceedings, an almost cookie-cutter like schedule to make sure everybody is doing their role at a specific time.

seating for the ceremony
wishes for each attendee
dining area

plus, the lousy food (it made the slop at UCLA's hedrick hall taste like osteria mozza) and the lack of an open bar didn't help my cause, considering i knew literally zero people aboard the ship. and it was odd to see a lot of people sit out the dancing portion of the afternoon, until i realized that 99% of the attendees were stone-cold sober, which puts a crimp on the inhibitions one usually discards when alcohol is playing partner-in-crime.

bride & groom's 1st dance
sail away...

nevertheless, it was their wedding for goodness sake, so all the best to maya and hieu for a beautiful life ahead.

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